Visual Arts Performance Tasks

The visual arts performance tasks listed below were created by art teachers and are arts-centered or integrate language arts, science, mathematics or social studies in a visual arts class.  Additional lessons for visual arts teachers are included on the Arts-Integrated Performance Tasks page under Resources on this website.

Responding to Art
 is a performance task for second-grade art students who will write stories based on artworks, create additional illustrations, and narrate their stories through a digital medium. 
Visual Art, Design and History is a unit of four performance tasks for middle-school or junior-high school art students exploring the relationships of visual art, design and history.  "Chivalry is Not Dead (At Least in Junior High) or The Rules of Heraldry and Creating a Coat of Arms", "Greek Pottery and the Olympics", "Ancient Architecture--From Caves to Tents" and "Who's Toe?  Watteau's Rococo" may be implemented as a unit or as separate performance tasks.  
Watercolor Techniques is a performance task for high-school art students.